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Thailand Allows Seven Crypto Firms To Operate

Thailand has made major strides in regulating the Cryptocurrency sector in the country, with the regulator, the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) releasing the names of the seven companies that have been allowed to operate. They include five Cryptocurrency exchanges and two virtual currency dealers. The regulator has also revealed that they are currently […]

Kurt Russell To Feature In A Cryptocurrency Movie By American Film Producers

Two American film producers are planning to produce a Crypto-inspired movie that will feature Kurt Russell. This is not the first time that Wall Street has inspired the production of movies and the Cryptocurrency movie is not the first one. The two producers have already confessed their love for the virtual currencies and that they […]

A New Player To Introduce A Next Generation Crypto Mining Machine

The Crypto mining hardware market will get a new player before the end of this year after a Canadian company announced plans to join the lucrative market. Square Mining Ltd. has already raised about $20 million and it will use the funds for designing, developing and testing the new mining machine. The Bitcoin mining ASIC […]

A Crypto Firm Attempts To Acquire A Company Listed On Tokyo Stock Exchange

A Crypto company in Japan has stirred controversy after it emerged that it is trying to acquire a business listed on the country’s stock exchange. If the firm succeeds, we could have a Crypto-based business listed on one of the world’s biggest equities. Furthermore, this will make the token-based project a public company. The stock […]

Turkish Citizens Turn To Cryptocurrencies In The Wake Of American Sanctions

The demand for  Bitcoin in Turkey has risen significantly, leading to an increase in its price against the Lira (Turkey’s currency). Currently, the Cryptocurrency has reached a seven month high against the currency. The relationship between Turkey and its longtime ally, the U.S. has deteriorated and Washington has already slapped the country with economic sanctions. […]

No, Saudi Arabia has not (yet) banned trading cryptocurrencies

Many blogs in the crypto space are currently spreading the rumor that the Saudi Arabian government has banned trading cryptocurrencies. That is, however, not true and an exaggeration by different news sites, blogs etc. copying each other without further research. A clarification. No ban, but a grey area A statement of several government officials that […]

Venezuela To Become The First Country With A Central Bank For Crypto

It has been revealed that the Venezuelan National Assembly is planning to create a central bank of Cryptocurrencies. A member of parliament told Reuters that the house will reform the constitution to allow for the creation of the bank. When the central bank is set up, Venezuela will become the first country to have such […]

India Explores The Use Of Crypto Tokens

The latest Crypto reports from India say that the country is exploring how it could allow the use of certain crypto assets for financial transactions. According to DNA India, the government is not planning to change its current stance on Cryptocurrencies. Whereas a Cryptocurrency affects a country’s monetary policy, a Crypto token does not as […]

Asia Continues To Dominate Cryptocurrency Markets

Asia has the largest Cryptocurrency market in the world according to a study published by LiveCoinWatch that shows that over 75 percent of Crypto transactions are carried out in the region. That’s not all, the released statistics also show that Asian Crypto investors are more informed about the virtual currencies than their Western counterparts. The […]

Tether rival TrueUSD entered the Top 100 on

Not even half a year after entering the crypto market, TrueUSD (TUSD) has made it into the Top 100 on However, it is not because TrueUSD has grown significantly in its market capitalization. In fact, the currency has decreased slightly in this regard. The cap of TrueUSD reached the level above $80,000,000 USD in […]
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