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Memority: Data Storage Revolution on Blockchain

What is Memority? Memority is a blockchain-based data storage platform. Memority uses ultra-secure encryption to protect the data of its users. This makes Memority an excellent option for securing key data for many people. You can store many different types of files on Memority. For example, you can store documents, audio files, video files, etc. […]

Zantepay: Spend BTC, LTC, ETH, and Zantecoin in Real Life with Just One Card

What is Zantepay? Zantepay is a new payment system/cryptocurrency that is aiming to become the standard token for payments. Zantepay includes a cryptocurrency, a wallet and a debit card. The debit card can be used to spend cryptocurrencies all across the world. Zantepay was founded to help solve one of the largest issues facing cryptocurrencies […]

Organicco: Investing in the Future of Our Beautiful Planet for Our Children

What is Organicco? Organicco is a company that is focused on making the planet greener and more sustainable. The company has a number of green technologies and products already available. However, it is launching an ICO to help it fund further projects and expansion. Oganicco is a for profit green company. Because of this it […]

Humancoin: The Coin that is Set to Herald a New Era for Charity

What is Humancoin? Human Coin is an ICO that is geared towards the charity industry. Humancoin’s aim is to be the kindness token. Humancoin combines the blockchain, charity, and ecommerce industries to create a charitable donation platform that makes giving extremely easy and transparent. The benefit of Humancoin is that people can use it to […]

Worldopoly: The first AR game on Blockchain with Money Withdrawal

What is Worldopoly? Worldopoly is a game that combines blockchain, augmented reality (AR), geopositioning, and artificial intelligence. This game is similar to the original classic, Monopoly. However, with Worldopoly, real money is used in the form of cryptocurrency, and properties are situated in real locations, with the help of augmented reality. So, players of this […]

Maestro ICO – Decentralized Music Platform

What is Maestro? Maestro is a decentralized music platform where artists can publish their music. The goal of Maestro is to cut out third parties in the music industry, who often take as much as 40 percent of the revenue generated by the artists. With Maestro, artists can publish their own music and sell it […]

Cybit: Bit by Bit

What is Cybit? Cybit is a platform for crowdfunding that uses cryptocurrencies and relies on smart contracts. Cybit is open sourced and provides a way for startups and investors to connect. Startups can list their projects on Cybit, and investors who like the projects can invest in the projects directly through Cybit, using CBT, the […]

VIVA – A Better Way To Buy A Home in 2018

VIVA is an online platform that will reformulate the way in which people procure financing for the acquisition of homes. In the new model envisioned by VIVA prospective homebuyers will engage with private individuals who will lend them the money, these individuals can be located anywhere in the world. This system constitutes a complete overhaul […]

PAYERA – Simple Shopping And Safe Pay

PAYERA is a platform promising an online marketplace where consumers can make a purchase for any product using a single wallet that will be able to hold all forms of Cryptocurrencies and have the wallet be able to do transactions between Cryptocurrencies. In addition, the platform has assured investors that this site will be utilizing […]

Online.IO – Together We Can Change The Internet

Online.IO is a platform set to reinvent the Internet; the startup plans to create a platform that will allow users to access the Internet without having to encounter advertisements. In addition, the platform will also have the capabilities of blocking any malware on sites and protecting users from having their online movements tracked by private […]
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