June 22, 2018

Category: Ico Reviews

Online.IO – Together We Can Change The Internet

Online.IO is a platform set to reinvent the Internet; the startup plans to create a platform that will allow users to access the Internet without having to encounter advertisements. In addition, the platform will also have the capabilities of blocking any malware on sites and protecting users from having their online movements tracked by private […]

URunit – New Era In Gambling Industry

URUN is visualizing a complete revolution of the gambling industry through the platform of URunit. The new company promises to build up the very first gambling provider that is managed in totality by the end users, therefore stripping away the need for casinos and other gambling providers. Token Token: URUN Price of token: 1 URUN […]

BGX – The Most Powerful Decentralized Processing Platform

BGX is a platform with a vision. The company began with the purpose to build a platform that makes use of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies to help to facilitate the mobile gaming and app development industry. In addition, the platform makes use of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies in order to streamline and cultivate their platform efficiently […]

Thrive ICO Review

What is Thrive? This new product in the marketing industry is set to change how advertising will take place henceforth. This marketplace is based on Blockchain and smart contacts technology hence your safety is assured when you are online. This product will bring together the publishers and consumers on one platform where they can securely […]

Drivero ICO Review

What is Drivero? Just imagine having a car whenever you need it! It is a platform whereby people can obtain a vehicle whenever they need it and pay only for the time used. How cool is that? Drivero is the ultimate solution to get you from point to point without hassle. If you are worried […]

Credits ICO Review

Credits ICO has been getting a lot of hype recently, so we decided to check it out. Credits, a little known but highly motivated Blockchain launched publicly on the February 17th. Just 17 hours after the launch, Credits had already hit the $20 million hard cap. This project is built atop the Ethereum Blockchain and […]

Zeepin ICO Review

Founded by the former CEO and CSO of Arting365, Zeepin is a decentralized Blockchain whose aim is to develop a creative platform and economy. Zeepin use cases include the provision of crowdfunding and networking services for people in the creative industry, copywriting (via time-logging of data or ideas on the blockchain) and making payments. This […]

SwissBorg ICO Review

Basically, SwissBorg is a bank. It provides services such as investment management, financial advisories, payment solutions, and more, but there’s a catch. SwissBorg provides banking services for digital currencies. Driven by the Ethereum Blockchain, SwissBorg seeks to re-evaluate wealth management with a neighborhood-centered approach. This is the first Cryptocurrency banking services provider to offer customized […]

Voxxo Review

Voxxo is a decentralized Blockchain driven network that seeks to revolutionize how we enjoy our music. The Voxxo team has developed a pay as you go approach when listening to music, meaning that music lovers can enjoy the content they like without having to subscribe to a particular service. In addition to the ERC-Compatible Voxxo […]

Gimmer ICO: Why You Should Consider Investing In It

Why Gimmer? It’s rare to find an advanced trading bot that is easy to use. A tool that can work for you so you won’t need to watch the market all day. Developers imagined your busy schedule and came up with a concept that can aid you in the snowballing Cryptocurrency, a tool that can […]
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