Category: Geostrategy

Why Crypto has become of National Interest in Switzerland

The economy minister of Switzerland has called his country a ‘crypto nation’ and set out the goal to become the ‘blockchain capital of the world’. To support and host the emerging crypto and blockchain sector has become of national interest in Switzerland. To understand this decision we have to understand the role of the Swiss […]

Ripple taking advantage of geostrategic rift between EU & USA?

Germany is currently pushing to create a European payment system like SWIFT to be more independent from the US. The rift was created by the differing stance that the EU and the USA have towards Iran (read more about this here). The resulting rift between the USA and its former close ally creates the perfect […]

Germany urges to create European payment system – reveals Bitcoin’s true Use-Case

The rift between the EU and the USA is wider than ever since Donald Trump’s presidency. All of a sudden institutions like SWIFT that always appeared European are questioned over their allegiance. The international company provides a standardized message system that helps banks to process international transactions fastly and securely. SWIFT – an American institution […]