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Daily Roundup 21st July – White-only city tests crypto, Vietnam to forbid mining? & Allianz sees mass-adopting coming

White-only city in South Africa to test cryptocurrencies Orania is a city in the middle of South Africa with a population of about 1500 people (2017). Only white people live in the city in an almost secessionist manner. The town already uses its own printed currency. However, it is pegged to the South African Rand […]

Daily Roundup 20th July – Smart Contract for UK law and Japan’s biggest Telecom Firm, India’s Crypto Hearing and Quebec Energy Prices for Miners

World’s fourth largest telecom company plans to implement smart contracts Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) already patented its application. The patent outlines how the application encrypts and stores contracts decentrally. This way processes could become much faster and simpler. Also, NTT ensures that personal data will be more secure. As of now, it is unclear when […]

Daily Roundup 19th July – Trump Advisor launches own token, Ethereum a step closer to Raiden mainnet, India to allow crypto trading again?

Ex-Trump Advisor Bannon announced own utility token Media executive and former Trump advisor Steve Bannon revealed to CNBC that he is going to launch his own utility token. The project will “potentially” be designed to support the “global populist movement”. However, he mentioned that it will only be released under the condition that “they got […]

Daily Roundup 18th July – Pump & Dump in the markets? Paxful reaches out to Venezuelan Unbanked, Bitmain triples its staff & more

Breakout – short squeeze or pump and dump? The markets gained a strong push yesterday after sitting more than a week at the resistance level of about $6000 USD.  The break out surprised many traders. It is likely that shorters tried to even out their positions by buying Bitcoin etc. which is called a short squeeze. […]

Daily Roundup 17th July 2018 – Return of the bull, Bitmain in Silicon Valley, Iran’s Crypto Move & more

Green candles everywhere! Bitcoin is strongly above the $7000 USD-Level. The market is close to breaching $300 billion USD in total market capitalization. Bitcoin tested the resistance at around $6000 USD now three times in 6 months. To be above this resistance level now for the third time is a strong bullish signal. Chinese Mining […]

Daily Roundup: 16th July 2018

Chilean Court backs Orionx as it declares banks closing of accounts illegal The Fourth Chamber of the Court of Appeals of Santiago ruled that the Banco Estado has to reopen OrionX’s bank accounts. The state-owned Bank acted on its own authority and a mix of interests seems to be the reason why the Bank tries […]
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