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Daily Roundup: 7th August 2018 – Most crypto crimes in the USA, Mining in Texas & more than 3500 Bitcoin ATMs

Most crypto crimes originate in the US According to Group-IB, a Russian cybersecurity company. The USA are the country from which the most cyber crimes in the crypto space originate. The data gathered by Group-IB indicates that more than half of all cyber crimes originate in the US. The second highest rate has the Netherlands with 21,5%. […]

Daily Roundup: 6th August 2018 – Swiss finance sector goes Crypto, India builds blockchain district % BTC hash rate reaches 52 quintillion

Bankers and regulators in Switzerland leave their jobs for crypto sector Switzerland is commonly known for its liberal handling of financial matters. The country has comparably few resources and the mountainous landscape of the country makes both maintenance of the infrastructure and transportation expensive. Still, the country is one of the richest and most successful […]

Daily Roundup: 4th August 2018 – Binance and FBI talk about Tether, Coinbase released new payment solution

Ex-FBI investigator talks about Tether audit Louis Freeh, a former FBI director and co-founder of the law-firm Freeh, Sporkin & Sullivan (FSS). The company conducted a private audit of Tether in June. In its report, FSS stated that they are “Confident that Tether’s unencumbered assets exceed the balance of fully-backed USD Tethers in circulation as of […]

Daily Roundup: 3rd August 2018 – Dutch Central Bank: Crypto is not Money – new ICO Platform and Crypto Market with Microsoft & Starbucks

Dutch Central bank disregards crypto as money In an official statement, the Dutch central bank declared that Cryptocurrencies are not to be seen as money. The division director of the Dutch central bank (DNB) Petra Hielkema said in the statement that money as to fulfil three functions. You have to be able to pay with them, […]

Daily Roundup 28th July 2018 – Romania regulates ICO, only 2% of US investors own Crypto & more

Romanian Ministry of Finance determines criteria for running an ICO The regulation specifies that any entity that intends to issue its own cryptocurrency must have capital of at least  €350,000 EUR. This means that you already have to own a significant amount of money before being able to start an ICO. In addition to that, […]

Daily Roundup: 27th July 2018 – Libertarians no Majority in Crypto, Indian Commission recognizes Crypto as Payment

Indian Commission recognized cryptocurrencies as legitimate payment method Indians use cryptocurrencies in many use-cases although trading digital currencies is at the moment forbidden. One of the many innumerable use cases is gambling and sports betting. The report by an Indian law commission is 145 pages long and discusses whether gambling and sports betting should be forbidden […]

Iran soon with national cryptocurrency, Venezuela will peg its new currency to Petro & more

Iran works on its own cryptocurrency The USA continues to sanction Iran. President Trump declared the middle eastern state officially the number one public enemy. The sanctions include high tariffs, the closing of bank accounts and direct financial sanctions. After much speculation whether or not Iran could circumvent these sanctions by relying on cryptocurrencies. Now […]

Daily Roundup: 25th July 2018: Andrew Yang accepts Crypto Donations, Tron gobbles up BitTorrent & Coinbase with another step in Expansion Campaign

Today was all about adoption, expansion, acquisition. Fittings news to a renewed bull market. Google announces partnerships with blockchain startups, Tron completed its acquisition of BitTorrent and Coinbase adds another piece to its stunning expansion campaign. And then there is Andrew Yang who announced that his campaign will now announce cryptocurrencies as well. A good […]

Daily Roundup: 24th July 2018 – China cracks down on Bitcoin miners in Muslim province, EU’s “battle plan” against Crypto & more

Binance will expand to South Korea Since the sentiment in the markets have switched to the bulls again, many exchanges launched expansion campaigns. Coinbase hires known Wallstreet experts to lure institutional money into crypto, SBI Holdings launches its own exchange and now Binance announced to expand to South Korea. The exchange added South Korean as […]

Crypto legal for Wages in Costa Rica, Crypto Scams in Australia high as ever

Adoption and scams seem to go hand in hand in the cryptospace. As the sentiment becomes more bullish again, so does the amount of people that are scammed. Australia warns its citizens from crypto scams while Costa Ricans can pay wages now in crypto legally. Costa Ricans can be paid in crypto Being able to […]
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