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Roundup 06/09/2018 – Crypto-Positive Regulation in Asia

India questions its policy on cryptocurrencies India forbade trading of cryptocurrencies in 2018. Exchanges and ICO-Startups are not allowed to operate in the country. However, the new technology and the new medium promises many opportunities and investors from all over the world. The biggest financial authority of the South Asian state the Securities and Exchange […]

Roundup: 28/08/2018 – a Zuckerberg joins Huobi & more

Zuckerberg’s sister joined advisory board of Huobi The Chinese crypto exchange Huobi has announced that Randi Zuckerberg has joined the exchange on its expert advisory team. Another notable name was that of Jihan Wu, the CEO of Bitmain. Randi Zuckerberg worked six years for Facebook. Founded and led Zuckerberg Media and was the editor-in-chief for Dot-Complicated. She is […]

Roundup: 27/08/2018 – Rogue States: differing Stances on Crypto

Iran’s cryptocurrency ban might end in September The financial authorities of Iran will revisit the country’s blanket ban on trading cryptocurrencies. Sanctions by the US and other countries have hit the country hard. The Iranian Rial is devaluing strongly and has a high volatility. Cryptocurrencies could be a way for Iran to circumvent the sanctions […]

Roundup 23/08/2018 – Ripple more decentralized than Bitcoin & more

The SEC rejected 9 more Bitcoin ETFs Direxion, Proshares, and GraniteShares filed altogether nine Bitcoin ETF applications recently. But today the SEC rejected all nine applications today. The comission treated each case individually. However, the main argument was as in all other ETF rejections that consumers need to be protected from fraudulent and manipulative schemes. […]

Roundup: 22/08/18 – China bans Crypto Events, Centralbank of Thailand announces own Crypto Project & UAE launches Shariah-compliant Exchange

Chinese government bans crypto events while investing into crypto startups The Chinese government has banned crypto events within its borders. A step that contradicts the fact that the country has just recently invested a major sum of $ 3bn USD into crypto startups. In fact, the policy of the Chinese is contradictory for about a […]

Roundup 21/08/2018 – Bitcoin no environmental Problem, Bitconnect Scammer detained, Central Bank of Thailand defends Crypto

Bitcoin mining no environmental problem according to scientist Katrina Kelly-Pitou, an academic researcher in energy economy and computer engineering at the University of Pittsburgh published an article in which she says that Bitcoin’s much-discussed environmental problem is not really a problem. According to Kelly-Pitou, 30Twh, Bitcoin’s energy consumption is a lot, but it is “not […]

Roundup: 20/08/2018 – Blockchain law society founded in Seoul, Bitoasis collaborates with supraregional regulators, Venezuela declares XPD official currency

Official Blockchain law society founded in Seoul Judges and law experts in South Korea are forming an association to discuss blockchain, cryptocurrencies surrounding laws and legal issues. They will have their founding meeting on the 24th of August. The association will be open to the public. The first meeting will take place in the Seoul […]

Roundup 17/08/2018 – Petro official currency, UK crack down on crypto, Huobi 5 new partner exchanges

While the socialist rogue state of Venezuela clutches to a straw and adopts crypto, the UK is cracking down on cryptocurrency owners. A proof of being a rogue state itself? Meanwhile, the Chinese exchange Huobi helps its partners in five countries to launch their own exchange with Huobi cloud. Petro becomes official currency in Venezuela […]

Daily Roundup 14th August 2018 – Control Bitcoin or Ban it?

Saudi Arabia officials condemned crypto – but it’s not yet banned Many blogs in the crypto space are currently spreading the rumor that the Saudi Arabian government has banned trading cryptocurrencies. However, that is not true and an exaggeration by different news sites, blogs etc. copying each other without further research. The official statement of […]

Daily Roundup: 8th August 2018 – SEC postpones ETF decision, Microsoft develops PoA consensus for Ethereum & Bitcoin sinks to critical levels

SEC postpones Vaneck Bitcoin ETF decision – markets react heavily The SEC, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, has extended the time frame to decide over their permission of a Bitcoin ETF in the case of Vaneck Solidx. The markets reacted heavily to this news. Major cryptocurrencies fell by more than 10% today. However, experts in […]
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