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Roundup – 21/09/2018 – Maduro reorganizes economy around XPD, AUD-alternative to Tether

Maduro reorganizes Venezuelan economy around the PetroDollar Maduro started to structure Venezuela’s economy around the PetroDollar (XPD). It is the first cryptocurrency that backs fiat money as the Bolivar is now pegged to XPD.  In addition to that, Maduro also ordered Venezuelan Banks to adopt PetroDollar as an accounting unit. He even decreed that companies […]

Roundup 20/08/2018 – Zaif hacked: 5966 BTC lost, Texas shuts down three scams & more

Japanese exchange hacked – 5966 BTC lost The Japanese exchange Zaif was hacked, Zaif’s servers noted an unauthorized access on 14th September. However, Zaif made the incident public only yesterday. As of now, it is clear that hackers managed to steal 5966 BTC of which a majority belongs to Zaif’s customers. Zaif suspects that it […]

Roundup: 19/09/2018 – Top 10 Bank in USA uses Ripple’s xVia, Europol: Terrorist don’t use Crypto in Europe & more

Chinese company is funding a Japanese stablecoin project Grandshores Technology Group is a Chinese investment company that focuses on blockchain and crypto. The company plans to raise $12.7 million in an official funding round for a stablecoin that will be value backed by the Japanese Yen. Yongjie Ya, a representative of the investment company, is […]

Roundup: 18/09/2018 – xRapid close to launch, Jack Ma has advice for blockchain industry

Jack Ma: Blockchain should focus on manufacturing industry During the World AI Conference, Jack Ma, the co-founder and current chairman of Alibaba, the world’s largest e-commerce platform. Experts estimate the Chinese company to be worth more than $414 billion. Ma said that blockchain, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things could soon lose value. Unless they […]

Roundup: 17/09/2018 – Regulation News from Japan, UK & Zimbabwe

Japan elaborates its regulation of cryptocurrencies The crypto boom does not seem to stop in Japan. As of now, more than 150 companies are waiting to get an official license from the Japanese government to run an exchange. The Japanese Yen is the fiat currency with the second biggest volume to Bitcoin after the US-Dollar. […]

Roundup: 14/09/2018 – Vlad Zamfir releases Sharding PoC, Blockchain to help the Poor in Austin

ECB will not issue its own cryptocurrency In a letter to a European MP Mario Draghi assured that the European Central Bank has no intentions to create its own cryptocurrency. The head of the ECB mentioned that the technology needs to mature before it can be used by an institution as big as the European […]

Roundup 13/09/2018 – Huobi expands, Morgan Stanley offers Bitcoin trading?

Huobi expands to Japan as it buys one of sixteen government-approved exchanges As of now, the Japanese government has approved only 16 crypto exchanges in its country. Today the exchange was acquired by Huobi Global’s Japanese subsidiary Huobi Japan Holding Ltd. Representatives of the exchange declared that they want to “aggressively scale this trading platform […]

Roundup 12/09/2018 – IMF nudges Marshall Islands, ICO treated as security by US judge

IMF nudges Marshall Islands into dropping its national crypto project The IMF is currently probably the biggest international opposer to cryptocurrencies. Representatives of the IMF like Dong He and Agustín Carstens speak out against cryptocurrencies regularly. The Marshall Islands although situated between Hawaii and the Philippines uses the US-Dollar. The IMF warned the Marshall Islands […]

Roundup: 11/09/2018 – Paris, Philippines and Cruise Ship Confrontation

Philippines approve PDAX exchange PDAX exchange is the first crypto exchange in the Philippines that was specifically designed for the Filipino crypto market. Available for trades will be Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Litecoin (LTC). Lately, Filipinos have adopted more and more cryptocurrencies as the Filipino Peso hit a 6,4% […]

Roundup 07/09/2018 – Hacker Insurance, Sunny King improves PoS & more

Supreme Court of China rules that blockchain can be used in legal disputes The blockchain can now legally be used as evidence in legal disputes in China. China’s supreme court ruled that such evidence is legitimate when the involved parties can prove that a blockchain was used in a transaction between the parties. The ruling […]
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